Our Story

When it comes to BBQ, there are many ideas, facts, and fiction that make up the BBQ history and story. Of all the “truths” about BBQ, one thing stands above them all…. there’s always a story, and it’s full of fact, fiction, tall tales, rumors, secrets, and lies.

We are Butch and Shawn (the B and S in B. S. BBQ). This is our story, and we’re sticking to it…

We won’t bore you with too many dates (mostly because we can’t remember them), but we will try to keep the timeline in perspective.

We have been eating BBQ for a long time. At least 20 years, probably more. At some point, around 2002 or 2003, Butch decided to try his hand at barbecuing. His deck went from holding the common backyard gas grill, to holding the gas grill, a charcoal grill, and 2 different types of smokers.

At that point, Jean (Butch’s wife) said something had to go. She was less than thrilled when Butch told her he would miss her! Needless to say, he went down to one gas grill and one smoker (and Jean’s still around). (We’re back to 4 units on the deck, but that’s another story for another time.)

Over the years, Butch has been working on “perfecting” his bbq. As you can imagine, there has been no shortage of help in testing and tasting. Friends we didn’t even know we had would show up!

Of the 5 classic bbq proteins (ribs, chicken, pork, sausage, and brisket) brisket is the most difficult to master, so he worked the hardest on getting that right. For the last few years, there have been many compliments and friends and family inviting themselves over for bbq.

Butch and Shawn met in 2000 through youth baseball. Shawn as an umpire, Butch as a coach. (You can make up your own stories about how that went over the years.) As the relationship developed, so did the invitations to get together for bbq.

Eventually, Shawn started to tell Butch he should open a bbq joint. There weren’t any around that had bbq that good. Butch kept saying no way, and felt that compliments were just a way to get invited to more free bbq!

In 2017, Butch and Shawn joined KCBS and took a bbq judging class together. They thought what could be better than going to professional bbq competitions to judge and eat free bbq?Through judging the “pros” for a couple of years, they were able to compare what they were doing with the pros.

This comparison helped them develop their own bqq to what it has become today.

One day at lunch in October of 2018, Shawn once again brought up opening a bbq joint. After 4 hours of discussion and a sudden lack of good judgement, Butch agreed to give it a test. “Let’s cook a couple of briskets, get some rolls, go to a farmers market, and sell some brisket sandwiches. If it does well, great! If not, no big deal – then we’ll both know.”

So, we started to make lists and plans. And within a few days, the whole idea changed from selling brisket sandwiches as a test, to buying and outfitting a food trailer and starting a bbq catering and event business. Believe it or not, this all happened in the blink of an eye and with no drinking involved!

We have left out “a few” details of the trials and tribulations of starting a bbq business, but that brings us to today.

Lots of people have tried our bbq and tell us it’s great! We like to think so, too. We don’t stick to any particular style (Kansas City, Memphis, Texas, Carolinian, etc.), but we definitely stay true to low and slow cooking over a wood fire.

Thanks for reading our version of our story! It’s ours and we’re sticking with it.

No bull!

Shawn and Butch