The Food

We offer all of the “standard meats” for great barbecue. When we are on the trailer, the menu is usually limited to 1 or 2 meats, 2 to 3 sides, a dessert, and some drinks.

Brisket is our specialty, and it will always be on the menu.

  • Brisket – This is the “end-all, be-all” of the barbecue meats. We rub our whole packer brisket in Dizzy Pig’s Course Dizzy Dust and slowly smoke it over a low temperature fire for 12-16 hours depending on the size. (Yes, size matters!) Tender, moist, lightly smokey, with a great beef flavor complimented by the flavors of the rub. If you catch us on the right day, you will find a limited supply of ‘burnt ends’ – melt-in-your-mouth, 1 inch cubes of beefy greatness. What can we say, but “Wow!” We hear “best brisket I’ve ever had!” a lot and we don’t get tired of hearing it.
  • Pulled Pork – Pork shoulders rubbed with Dizzy Pig’s seasoning and slow smoked to perfection. When the pork reaches the right temperature, we gently pull the meat by hand giving you mouth-watering, tender, out-of-this-world-flavored pieces of pork.
  • Chicken – On the trailer, we smoke and serve chicken thighs. They are the perfect size, make a great sandwich, and stay moist. We season the thighs with Dizzy Pig’s Fajita-ish seasoning, then slowly smoke the thighs for about 2 hours. We keep it simple and make it delicious.
  • Smoked Sausage – Very popular in Texas, it’s also a crowd pleaser here. We import our smoked sausage directly from Texas and then give it our own special treatment on our smoker. Just enough heat and smoke to warm it up and get the juices flowing.
  • St. Louis Style Ribs – Rarely on the trailer, but definitely available on the catering menu. St. Louis Style Ribs are our favorite. Thick, juicy, just the right amount of fat for flavor, and lots of pork. Rubbed in Dizzy Pig’s Dizzy Dust, smoked for 4-6 hours, creating fall off the bone ribs that you’ll love!
  • Beef Ribs – There are no words to describe these. One customer exclaimed that this “was the best thing he has ever eaten.” Beef ribs are an experience as much as they are a food.
  • Pork Belly – Pork Belly Burnt Ends make their way onto the catering menu. A combination of pork fat and meat, the pork belly is cut into bite size cubes, rubbed in seasoning, smoked over a low fire all day (or night), glazed with our signature bbq sauce, and slowly smoked again. Once the glaze has caramelized, the Pork Belly Burnt Ends are ready to eat. You can’t eat just one!
  • Hot Dogs – We have hot dogs on the menu for kids (of all ages). Our all beef hot dogs are different from your basic hot dog because we take the time to slowly smoke them, keeping them moist and flavorful.